Confessions of an Overweight Nutritionist

If you’ve stopped by the store recently, you may already know, so without “sugar coating” it, I’m overweight.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still in the mindset that I’m one happening chick, I mean, I just birthed a business, right?! But on the outside, things aren’t looking so good, which means I’m not healthy on the inside either, and that’s dangerous.

How did a nutrition expert like me end up gaining so much weight?

It happened the same way it happens to everyone — I was overworked, over-stressed, overextended, and eating the wrong foods for my body.

I was in a corporate environment, developing and managing between 40-60 recipes every month, with short reactive deadlines that required overtime most every day, taking work home, working sometimes until midnight to meet insane deadlines, without additional compensation. It was nearly impossible to find a reasonable work-life balance as a mom and wife.

The type of recipes I was tasked with developing changed from healthy and from-scratch to mostly processed and quick-fix, with loads of refined carbohydrates and sugars. And I had to taste-test every one of them, every day. Although it was just a few bites, over the course of the day, it added up to a lot of sugar.

I started gaining weight almost immediately. My long-gone food allergy and autoimmune symptoms began returning one-by-one, and by December of 2017, I was sick, burned out, exhausted, resentful, and 55 pounds overweight.

Let me tell you the worst part– I became prediabetic.

My body had completely turned off my fat burning mechanisms, and like a little kid playing with a light switch, my body kept flicking my insulin making abilities on and off. I was leptin resistant all of the time, and insulin resistant some of the time.

In other words, I was on the brink of Type II Diabetes brought on by sudden diet and lifestyle changes. I was also making cortisol like crazy from chronic stress, which made matters worse by telling my body to keep on storing fat.

And I was always hungry. All. Damn. Night. But not for vegetables, like a nutrition expert should. I wanted salty, crunchy, sweet snacks like ice cream, chips, soft pretzels, chocolate.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some or all of these same feelings…

  • Too damn tired to exercise
  • Absolutely no motivation to do anything except mandatory things like taking your kids to school or showing up for work, and not doing either of those wholeheartedly
  • Uncontrollable cravings late in the day and again after dinner
  • Cravings for sweet breakfasts
  • Sudden thirst for no apparent reason
  • Weight gain everywhere, but mostly around that dreaded square we all wish we could hide… stomach, hips, thighs, butt. (don’t we all look awesome from the shoulders up? Ugh.)
  • Feelings of depression that vary from mild to severe
  • Sore or stiff joints and muscles (it hurts to stand up after sitting and you have to slowly elongate before taking a step forward, and it still hurts until about the 5th or 6th step)
  • Unexplained tingling, burning, or itchy hands and feet
  • Leg cramps
  • Trouble sleeping deeply and soundly
  • No desire to do anything except sit and wonder how the hell you ended up like this

I was calorie rich, but nutrient poor, with a trajectory toward a full-blown autoimmune disease again. I left my corporate job in April, not only to focus on This Honest Food, but to get my physical and mental health back to where it should be.

If this resonates with you…
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