If doughnuts are driving your team, let’s talk. Imagine your entire team with boundless energy even at 4 p.m.; productivity, creativity, and ideas freely flowing; and happy, balanced moods. It can happen when you eat the right foods.

Sometimes offering a corporate gym membership or discount just isn’t enough to keep your team motivated and healthy throughout the day, and the break room or snack cart can often be an enabler of poor food choices, leading to energy crashes, brain fog, and even behavioral issues like restlessness, agitation, or anger.

We offer a variety of corporate wellness packages, designed specifically for your business, with a common goal of better food for better health and performance in the workplace:

  • Lunch & Learn (30-min or 1-hour)
  • Single group wellness sessions (1-3 hours)
  • Full-day wellness workshops (5-8 hour)
  • Comprehensive wellness program (includes 1 wellness challenge, email support materials, recipes, 1 in-person speaking session)
  • Keynote speeches or guest speaking

Suggested topics are:

  • Food as Medicine in the Workplace
  • Healthy Desktop Lunch Ideas
  • Slowing Down at Work – How to Beat Stress and Win the Work Week
  • No More Birthday Cake – Changing Corporate Culture through Food
  • The Hangry Co-workers’ Guide to Food
  • Food-Mood Connection
  • Sugar Detox at Work and Home
  • How to Take a Break and Reduce Stress in 15 Minutes or Less
  • Corporate Retention through Intention

Give us a call at 321-474-6346 or email to discuss your corporate wellness goals, and for pricing and booking details.