When you don’t have a spiralizer

Zucchini angel hair and pappardelle | © anaumenko

I’m not a fan of unitaskers when it comes to kitchen tools, and spiralizers fall into that category. Sprializers come in all shapes and sizes, inspired by everything from pencil sharpeners to apple corer/peelers; some are very small, some larger than a food processor, and some even attach to your standing mixer. But they still only do one thing: turn your vegetables into spiral-shaped noodles, or zoodles, coodles, boodles, depending on the vegetable.

There are however, two indispensable multitaskers, which you may already own, that will produce all of the veggie noodles you’re craving, and more: a julienne peeler, and a standard vegetable peeler.

A julienne peeler (on the right) has a series of small teeth that, when scraped across vegetables like zucchini or carrot, produce thin ribbons of vegetable, similar to angel hair pasta. The julienne peeler can also be used to shred cabbage, hard cheeses, and zest citrus fruits. For wider noodles that resemble pappardelle, a standard vegetable peeler will do the trick.

Vegetable noodles cook in less than two minutes, and can then be sauced just like pasta, with pesto, tomato sauce, cream sauce, or even just browned butter and parmesan. The noodles can also be served raw with a simple vinaigrette and served as a side, or added to a salad.



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