Why our Healthy Cooking Classes are a Blast!

What’s it like to take a cooking class with us? Here’s the top five ways we’re making nutrition and healthy cooking a blast:

  1. Every class, whether demo or hands-on, teaches intuitive cooking, so eventually you won’t need to measure or be tied to recipes as often, which leads to confidence in the kitchen, and more healthy cooking at home! 🎉
  2. We steer you in the right direction when it comes to making #1smallchange. If you’re battling an illness, autoimmune disease, weight issue, etc., we empower you with the tools and information needed to get the most out of your next doctor visit, to ditch processed foods, and be the healthiest version of you through healthy cooking. But here’s the thing… we do this in a fun way, so it’s never overwhelming
  3. Unlike any class you’ve ever taken, we don’t just hand you a stack of recipes and send you on your way. We teach, and you create your own recipes on a provided worksheet, in your own words, as we’re cooking, so you remember it better and feel more confident, like *you got this!!* 💚
  4. Every class is interactive. Our class sizes are small so we can all talk, hear one another, and ask and answer questions.
  5. We eat! A lot! And laugh a lot, too. And sometimes there is wine! 🍷


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