Hey there, it’s Chef Dawn. I’m excited to work with you, and below are a few of the ways we can make that happen. Please reach out to me directly should you have any questions about any of our programs or options below.

Corporate Wellness Programs:

If doughnuts are driving your team, let’s talk. Imagine your entire team with boundless energy even at 4 p.m.; productivity, creativity, and ideas freely flowing; and happy, balanced moods. It can happen when you eat the right foods.

I offer a variety of corporate holistic wellness classes, each custom designed to fit your needs and time frames. Contact me directly to custom tailor a presentation, workshop, or seminar specifically for your business and corporate wellness goals, and let’s get your team on a path to better health.

Brand Ambassador

I work with some of the top CLEAN and HEALTH-CENTRIC food companies and lifestyle brands in the country, developing recipes, writing articles to help people heal through food, and representing brands I love, and I’m excited to work with you, too! With 18 years in marketing as a creative director and copywriter, and 12 years in the culinary and nutrition industry, I offer a unique set of skills as a Brand Ambassador or Corporate Consultant for your business.

If our philosophies on clean eating align, and your product does not contain allergens, gums, stabilizers, natural flavors, or anything I wouldn’t find in my kitchen cabinet, we’re a great match. And for the record, organic stabilizers, like organic guar gum, don’t make the cut. Just because it’s organic, doesn’t make it right. The same holds true for household products, supplements, essential oils, and beauty products. I have a strict “no junk” policy. If you agree, let’s work together!

Food Writing & Consumer Recipe Development

As an experienced copywriter and recipe developer, I’ve worked with companies like Food Network, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Applegate Farm, Tupperware, The Walt Disney Company, and lifestyle channels like Martha Stewart, Emeril Live, BlogHer and CafeMom to develop healthy recipes and health-inspired articles to share with their audience. Contact me via email and let’s discuss your next project.

Appearances & Presentations

Food Network's Cooks vs. ConsAs an experienced keynote speaker, television, and radio guest, I bring a sense-of-humor, a bundle of “ah-ha” moments, and dozens of OMG cooking tips to what could otherwise be a dull, boring, overwhelming, and confusing triad — health, nutrition, and healthy cooking.

I’ve traveled throughout the United States delivering health and nutrition talks, as well as cooking segments and live cooking demos, and have appeared on Fox News, Food Network, Martha Stewart, Cooking with Emeril, The Daily Buzz, and locally on Florida Hospital’s Lunch & Learn Live, and Orlando Sentinel recorded segments. To book an appearance, presentation, or seminar, contact me directly.